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Earlier Prince Harry and his brother William were pictured greeting crowds outside Windsor Castle - their last public appearances before tomorrow's royal wedding.Harry and William chatted with excited royal fans outside Windsor, shaking their hands and posing for pictures with the thousands of people who have been waiting for days for tomorrow's marriage.

Megyn Kelly kicked off her royal wedding coverage from London on Thursday by discussing how many people would have to die for Meghan Markle to become queen.

The Today host was joined by Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford and Al Roker for the start of the show, with the group first discussing the news that Prince Charles would walk his future daughter-in-law half way down the aisle on Saturday.

The Queen was said to be heartbroken last month after the death of her last corgi, Willow.

In their first interview ever speaking about Markle's romance with Prince Harry, actors Rick Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty and Gina Torres revealed that they knew the news long before the rest of the world.

Gunned-down teacher Rachael Del Tondo was in a 'serious relationship' with the brother of the teenage boy she had previously found in a 'steamed up' car with late at night, Daily can reveal.

A search warrant details how Del Tondo, 33, had been seeing Rashawn Jeter, 31, for around six months.Swapping her uniform of yoga pants and trainers for a pale pink dress, black cropped blazer and heels, the proud mother gave onlookers a regal wave.Doria was picked up at her home in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon before heading to the airport.Photos from her childhood reveal her shining in a school play aged 14, and posing with her first boyfriend at a high school Christmas dance in 1997.The yoga instructor and social worker, who wore her hair tied back as she jetted out of Los Angeles earlier this week, appeared to have styled her hair into soft twists, tied back with a silk scarf.The truth is, in order for her to become queen, a lot of hideous and tragic things have to happen.' The team at the University of Ottawa found that erectile dysfunction drugs block suppressor cells, allowing natural killer cells to do their cancer-fighting job.