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That role earned Mc Gowan a nomination for Best Villain at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards.

For me personally, it's just kind of more instinctive. I fell into it accidentally." Mc Gowan made her first appearance in a Hollywood film with a bit role in the 1992 Pauly Shore comedy Encino Man.Her role in the 1995 black comedy, The Doom Generation, brought her to the attention of film critics, and she received a nomination for "Best Debut Performance" at the 1996 Independent Spirit Awards.Mc Gowan's formative years were spent with her father in Seattle, Washington attending Roosevelt High School and Nova Alternative High School.At the age of 16, Mc Gowan officially emancipated herself from her parents.Rose Arianna Mc Gowan (born September 5, 1973, age 44) is an American film and television actress.

She is best known for her role as Paige Matthews in The Warner Bros.She appeared in the critically-acclaimed short Seed, directed by San Francisco-born filmmaker Karin Thayer, in 1997, and played opposite Peter O'Toole in the 1998 film adaptation of the Dean Koontz novel Phantoms.Notably, Mc Gowan also starred in the 1999 comedy/drama Jawbreaker, where she played a high school student who tries to cover up a classmate's murder.Riding as a passenger, her car was struck by another vehicle and the force of the impact drove her eyeglasses into her face.Mc Gowan is quoted as saying, "I didn't realize I was hurt until I put my hand to my face and felt the flap of skin. After obtaining the services of a plastic surgeon, Mc Gowan is reported to be suffering no long-lasting consequences from the incident.Celebrities such as Keira Knightly, Carmen Electra, and Virginia Madsen have been known to use the caddies.